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Budapest Quiz on National Geographic's site

The Travelers magazine's WorldWise Quiz is about Budapest now.

Take part if you feel like! I was born here but I made only 70%.:)

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A38 Restaurant

A38 is not only a concertship but also a great restaurant. I like their funny menu cards which is really a creative solution. Check it out one day!:)


I really like their food especially their pasta but I guess Lecsó is something you have to try here. This traditional Hungarian food is hardly available in restaurants. Especially not in high quality restaurants.


„The view of the city and the Danube River is splendid. The food is enjoyable and well presented and the service is friendly and helpful. Drinks run from cold beers and fine wines to some excellent cocktails, all of which will fuel your dancing. Open daily from 11.00 until 24.00. Welcome aboard the Groove Boat!” The World’s Best Bars


From their website:

For cold entrées you can choose among the pike-perch terrine with dill sauce and toasts, deer ham with cranberry & horse radish and brown bread, and the very popular beef tartar.
For warm entrées there is the gnocchi "Quattro formaggi" served with roasted tomato seasoned with fresh basil, or the fillet of sole seasoned with lemon and garnished with saffron sauce, or the typically Hungarian roasted duck liver served on Sauce Rouennaise garnished with romanesco.
As far as soups are concerned, you can have a nice cold plum cream soup with prunes, or cock broth with noodles, but I’d recommend the outstanding ragout-soup made of wild meat served with pearl-barley.
Among the vegetarian dishes you will find nice and fine meals, such as the grilled mozzarella served with buttered vegetables & potato, or the seedy cakes served with smoked cheese sauce flavoured with lovage, or the roasted porcini garnished with risotto (made with forest mushrooms) and seasoned with parmesan. If you feel like having something really typical for the local traditions, just have the lecsó made with egg and served with boiled rice.
If you feel like having a pasta, there is a nice choice for you: the conchiglioni in creamy tuscan sage sauce served with pike-perch stripes, the tagliatelle in creamy truffle sauce served with pork medaillons, the gnocchi in creamy gherkin & mushroom sauce with ham slices, or the maize porridge made with sheep cottage cheese served with fresh parsely.
As far as fish are concerned, I suggest you pay attention to the Captain's choice, which is the roasted fillet of pike-perch served on Sauce Légume flavoured with white wine, garnished with buttered carrots and with cauliflower seasoned with garlic.


But you can also have a roasted fillet of cutfish served on mustard & horse radish sauce garnished with potatoes sprinkled with fresh parsely, or fillet of flatfish gratinated with mushroom garnished with marinated vegetables cubes and with wild rice, or just simply a spaghetti with shrimps flavoured with garlic.
As far as poultries are concerned, you will find an excellent fillet of chicken gratinated with mozzarella and tomato garnished with green salad, or a turkey steak flavoured with honey & mustard garnished with romanesco and with pommes noisettes, the vegetable and poultry stripes flavoured with curry served on rice noodles, or the turkey flavoured with rosemary garnished with potato & onion.
If you are into pork, you can have a roasted fillet garnished with "Gourmand Ragout" with fried tomato and with pommes noisettes, or bits of pork tenderloin served on seasoned pearl-barley, a deep fried pork cutlet garnished with potato-mush and with home made pickles, or a pork stew made with sauerkraut flavoured with sour cream.
For veal & beef we offer a nice rump steak with mustard and with potatoes flavoured with blue onions, a tournedos fried in herbs crusta garnished with buttered carrots and with deep fried potato ringlets, a fillet of beef garnished with quail's egg and with duck liver fried with bacon, served in vegetable ring, or sirloin stripes flavoured with chili garnished with dumplings.
We have lots of salads to meet all your requests. You can have a green salad with rice flavoured with pumpkin seed oil, a tuna salad, a chicken salad with Sauce Brasil, a lettuce salad with home made dressing, a cabbage salad with piquant mayonnaise sauce, a tomato salad with onions seasoned with balm or home made pickles.


+36 1 464 39 46

Budapest restaurant guide
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Beyond Budapest Sightseeing

A young couple, a creative idea, and a very promising enterprise. Beyond Budapest.
Manó and Gyuri are social workers and they organize special tours in the VIIIth district of Budapest.

Mikszáth tér

there is a ’NO TOURIST LAND’. right next to You.
a different face of budapest: the district.
in the 19. century: the cultural centre.
in the 21. century: the slum.
discover the contrast yourself.
a social-cultural walking tour.

The special tours are:





make your reservation, get more information
YOU CAN ALSO CALL GYURI: +36-30/575-5384
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Erotic exhibition

They say that Budapest is the Capital of porn. I don't think so, it is just a phrase generated by those 2-3 guys who run the Hungarian porn business. One of their symbol is the Erotic Exhibition every year.

2008. September 5-6-7.
HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center Pavilion B (6500 m2)

I guess its a bit missleading to call this exhibition as EROTIC. To me erotic means gentle, more about teasing, inspiring, more like an art and in a way its innocent, and definitely emotional.

Porn is an industry. Just as it is..nothing more. And this Erotic Exhibition has nothing to do with eros and with something erotic. On 6.500 m2 you can buy toys, you can see naked performances, shows and 1000 guys in jacket having their hand in their pockets and a digital camera in the other one.

To read more about the event and to see more photos, videos just visit their website!
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Lenny Kravitz concert in Budapest

Location: Budapest Arena
Date: 2008.07.22

Address: 1143 Budapest, Stefánia út 2.
Tickets: 06 (1) 422 26 82
Reception: 06 (1) 422 26 00
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