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Budapest to Copenhagen

Copenhagen by Zannnie

Along our way to Stockholm, we decided to hop past Copenhagen for a day. Just a short 'hop'. The flight from Budapest to Copenhagen is about 1 hour 50 minutes only.

Church of Our Saviour, Copenhagen

Everyone will tell you how amazing is the 'Church of Our Saviour'. It seems to me this is the only real landmark other than the overstated icon of Copenhagen called 'The Little Mermaid". You can see it in the harbour off Langelinie promenade. 'She' is seated on a rock but of course, she is just a 'copy'. The original has been stolen, defaced, damaged, vandalised and even decapitated. Since the existing one today is a copy, I did not even take any photos of the fake one.

The Danish architects are certainly paying lots of attention to the details. Historic or contemporary architectures, each has a unique story to tell.



Tivoli, Europe's second oldest amusement park is just a few steps away from where we were accommodated. We also visited the neighbourhood in Christianiahavn. With only about 850 residents, this place with its own Christiana Law is quite amazing. It has a facade of quite ramshackle buildings, but the interiors are very artistic. I like that it is very informal. And I dislike that they are very protective about taking photos of their place - Christiania.

Børsen - Stock Exchange, Copenhagen
This building is a Dutch renaissance style built in 1619. It is situated on Slotsholmen in central Copenhagen. You know what the three crowns on the top of up to 56 meters represents? Well, they represents the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden :)

This is one of my favourite impression of Copenhagen:

I would not say Copenhagen is the most beautiful capital city. However, I do think it has a special ambience and considering visiting it in the Autumn, it has a very special mood.


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